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Our corporate name, WAVE PHARMA symbolize our ambition to transmit tenergy throught Health, Cosmetic and Well being Industry, generating positive and long-lasting business results.

WAVE is a movement of energy transmitted from point to point with no subsequent mass movement .


Our founding beliefs

  • We work hard
  • We are enthusiastic about what we do
  • We take full responsibility for our actions
  • We keep asking the tough questions without fearing hard answers
  • We constantly aim at delivering the highest quality products for persons living with either acute health conditions and chronic diseases, or seeking beauty and well-being solutions
  • We believe in innovation but also in development of classic solutions
  • Diversity of experience and thought is not a threat. It’s an opportunity
  • We communicate openly, honestly and respectfully
  • We listen to our partners, clients and end users considering them as WAVE PHARMA’s corner stone

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a high quality worldwide partners network within a three year period. Our partners should choose us for serving two major values:

  • The value to be really useful to every patient/end user of their products
  • The value of working, following high quality and ethical standards

Our Mission

Our mission is the development of products to provide solutions to Ηealth, Beauty and Well-being challenges leading to prosperous, successful and long-lasting cooperations

Our aspiration is to provide high-quality products and services being not only traders but consultants to our partners within the Health, Beauty and Well-beingIndustry

Our offer is their development aiming at our common continuous improvement and being at the same time adherent to ethical codes and values beneficial to the society


Contact with us

Phone.: +30 2613 026128

Cell Ph.: +30 694 5308384

E-mail: info@wavepharma.gr



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